The Vert Shock Training Phases

The Vert shock workout program is the perfect option you can take especially when you look for the best jump program. This program will definitely make you have better jumping skill as well as possible. Besides, it can also offer you great vertical jump training phase you cannot get from any other jump programs. So, what is the training and method offered by the program? Let’s check the answer below.

Then, Vert shock can offer you great training program which has been divided into 3 different phases, which are:

The Pre Shock Phase

It is the initial phase of the program that will prepare your body as well as possible for the exercises of the further phase. It will inform you how to use your muscle fiber to increase your vertical jumping ability greatly. So, you will find that you can jump 3-5 inches higher than before.

The Shock Phase

This phase will guide you to have the most intensive training method usually done by the professional basketball players. It will be focused on giving the strength and plyometric exercises to improve the ability of you nervous system in 6 weeks. So then, you can get the volatile energy from your muscle fiber to jump high. Then, in order to get the best result of this phase, you have to do all the exercises 4 times a week, which each session is about ± 1 hour.

The Post Shock Phase

It is the final method that will help you to learn the techniques how you use your muscle to jump high constantly. So, you can always enhance your performance perfectly.

So, all of the phases of Vert shock will definitely make you reach your goal in the best way. Then, you better be hurry to get this awesome jump program. So then, you can let it work the best on you as quickly as possible.

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